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I’m about to murder my hair

Seriously. I’ve done my herbal rinses and all that, but it’s still a dingy looking blonde now that my henna has finally worn away (almost six months wooot!). I’m considering dying it with some “natural” dye from the Nature’s Storehouse, but I’ll probably just grab more henna and mixmixmix my own. Who knows, though. As much as I LOVE my red hair, I’d like to possibly go a bit blonder- like the chick from the UK Malice in Wonderland.

Or maybe I just need new shampoo. The Whole Foods 365 brand isn’t cutting it. While the Lavender smells lovely (especially in my hair, where my natural smell makes it a bit spiceeh) it’s not cleansing as well as my Burt’s Bees.

I dunno. Hair frustrations to the max in any case. XP

If you have recommendations to get the blah limp-dull-oilyness out of my head, I’ll def. try them.

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#herbalism  #natural health  #cosmetics  #hair  #my hair hates me 
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