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i have a farm. and blue eyes. and a nice nose. and red hair.
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my name is ash.
slytherpuff, female, manic depressive, bellydancer, insomniac, feminist, bubbly drunk, hedge,hearth, and green witch, welcome to my world.
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the following: harry potter, batman, and various hippie dippy things. good day to you.

Summah Thyme {birth}

With the summer solstice burning, my primal side is craving a fire and summer ale.

Henna dye has been mixed to culture all night for fire-red hair tomorrow after a burning tonight.

My men are building a fire for this evening and I plan to dance around it with the Fire God and the fertility Goddess in mind.

— 2 years ago
#wicca  #paganism  #natural  #herbal  #herbalism  #dye  #summer  #hair