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Tales of an herbal apprentice {one of many}

Soooo today I got to work with the herbal lady today and she told me to garble some goldenrod and to just feel its energy. So, while I was doing it I got a really nice bubbly feeling that matured into confidence as time went on, and the Goldenrod even began to get easier to handle.

At the end of my garbling chore she asked me what it was for and I told her the respiratory system. She didn’t tell me about it, I didn’t know about it before hand, but I felt a pleasnt, warm sensation in my chest the whole time I was working with the stuff. :D JE, the herbal lady, was all kinds o’ happy about that.

I feel accomplished. wot wot.

I’m now drinking Goldenrod tea which is actually pretty tasty. numnumnum.

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