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i love asheville


I danced my ass off at the Highland Brewing Company to a live band, smoked good bud before hitting Rosettas, wandered downtown, walked through a sketchy alley way.

I’ve met the coolest of people
{and some of the not so coolest}

but the good far outweigh the bad here.

this city has swallowed me whole

rolled me around on its tongue

and i covered me with its shimmering saliva— because everyone in aville sparkles, y’all
and i marvel at the inside of its beautiful mouth

there is power in these mountains
and good mojo in the air

we just need better water.

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Happy Halloween from Founders 209!

Happy Halloween from Founders 209!

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Books for Eco-Feminsm are in! Am excited. {: (Taken with Instagram)

Books for Eco-Feminsm are in! Am excited. {: (Taken with Instagram)

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& in these moments

after sitting in a dripping wet and muggy forest
the world seems okay.
my decisions seem right
and all my hopes are in bloom.

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I am ready for autumn

ready for the red leaves of Asheville
ready for tea in downtown
for jeans and scarves
for the smell of old books and heavy spice
for education
for a new life.

ready to live in a dorm with Ashley
ready to get away from everything.
I have a new family, but I’m getting too attached too quickly.
I’m ready to live “on my own” for a while.

I’m questioning everything I’ve decided to do.
Questioning teaching over sustainable agriculture or even medical science.
Questioning UNCA over Massachusetts, over Louisiana, over Warren Wilson.
Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about things, but…I don’t know.
I wish I could talk this out with someone, but every time I bring it up I get shut down. dabfqfkjbvkjvhqfioifeknfsnjfejfweihfehfweh

too much free time.

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Orientation and shennanigans

Gathering with so many strangers was not as frightening as I had thought. Usually, I walk away from mass sessions drained and shaken, but I actually found myself finding an ounce of comradery with these new ladies and gents. It’s ironic, really that I have met more people in one day who appreciated my slant on the world than in my entire elementarymiddlehigh school career.

For a while I had this build up of dread in my stomach as I made half of these friends when discussing drugs. Those who’ve been following me for a while know that I was an addict for a while. Being around all these stories, reliving my own, felt too comfortable, like I was slipping back into a hole. After a night of restless sleep (restless is an understatement) I found myself more content with myself and with my past. I was able to reflect on the self I never want to be again.

All in all, I met many an interesting peer and registered for a nice, balanced schedule. At first, I had hopped to bury myself in classes so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be around drugs again, but I realized I have control over myself— I’m past that phase of dependence in my life. The more I accept the past self, the stronger the present self becomes. 

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I’ve been deep in thought

for the past few days as my graduation is looming. every day “the end” keeps inching closer and closer, and all I can think of is how much things have changed. how much my peers have changed. how much I  have changed.

  • I stopped caring about being number one in my class, of being successful in a shit, standardized system.
  • I’ve come to realize that I am a dick sometimes and have mastered the ability to be a little less of one when I’m uncomfortable.
  • I’ve stopped having panic attacks when people cough or breathe near me, or when being alone in line at a coffee shop.
  • I went from being drug free, to a drug addict, to a once again sober me.

the chords for our cap-and-gowns were given out Friday and I really didn’t feel anything. I went to a movie tonight, though, and I saw one of my friends from…well…until this year (she stopped speaking to me after she got a few hours of volunteer work from me) and she didn’t even look at me. I’ve come to realize that there are so many people in this world that the ones who don’t want you, who don’t treat you as well as you treat them, who don’t love you for what you are, aren’t worth your fucking time.

I haven’t been excited for UNCA lately— the idea of growing up frightens me beyond belief— but having the knowledge that I finally have a fresh start, the ability to re-build a circle of friends who are amazing, beautiful beings takes the edge off fear. even if it’s just a tiny edge of a really big cliff of fear.

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Just watched a live preformance of The Vagina Monologues

and my life has been changed. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I fully plan to be in the production next year. {:

Also, Pork Belly is the best thing in the world.

OHOH and I

1) Danced in a crowded Chocolate Lounge to an amazing Jazz/Swing Band

2) Told an adorable waiter with hippie-moon-child eyes and killer cheek bones that he was attractive.

T’was a wonderful night indeed.

— 2 years ago
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