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Now I remember why I use to eat Adderall like candy…

because I feel ah-may-zing! 40mg of the time released salts (a good bit lower than what I used to gobble/snort up, mind) and I studied for a solid five hours and took an exam which I feel pretty good about. Also, I just realized I haven’t eaten all day…and I have no desire to. Hm. I will most likely cleancleanclean for the rest of my day until the financial aid seminar…Hate to say it, but I l-o-v-e this stuff; too bad I have addictive tendencies with it and, thusly, am cut off.

Adderall- the honors student’s drug of choice

Adderall- the get shit done pill

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#i haven't the money for an amphetamine addiction anyways  #but I feel like god  #do like  #do like  #do like  #adderall- the drug of choice for honors students  #addiction  #amphetamine