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my name is ash.
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i’m that girl

the girl who looks   good

the dark
     Under the guise of too many shots
That girl
            who will make you come in her mouth But never come over
That girl
            you can fuck but can’t Call
That girl
            the one who will fuck you like your orgasm is the center of her universe, the sum of her self worth, the essence of her being
but can’t hold hands with in
                                       public I’m
                                                    that girl

But I’m also THAT girl.

The girl who believes in a revolution of thought in body that girl who will

let you define her worth, her tits’ worth, or her vagina’s worth.

THAT girl who will spit flames or warrior women in your mouth at any suggestion
that women are the ‘weaker sex’

THAT girl who will always answer

                                            catcalls with



THAT girl.

I’m a feminist with a chipped shoulder, a chip that has been worked at and worked at by boys


boys made of salt and misogyny

boys who “are apologies that should have been made to women long ago

boys that have made me what I am.

& maybe that’s why you thought I wasn’t good enough—

because I am THAT girl.

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