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Last night as a teenager

Has been appropriately shite. Happy early buuurrryday to meeeee. 2chainz has not shown up with any ‘big booty hos’ yet— will it happen at midnight?

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Country music is actually making me cry in my kitchen.




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Summah Thyme

Everything is wonderful so far.

First day of summer consisted of:

  • Wandering around a BBQ festival, pretending it was Woodstock.
  • Going swimming for two hours in a river
  • Dancing to dub-step in my living room while drinking coconut milk
  • Playing on a playground, battling an obstacle course
  • Going to a beautiful hippie boy’s party
  • Sitting around a giant fire, singing, sipping wine
  • Going to mah friend’s house for Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Getting BACK up at sunrise for breakfast at the beautiful hippie boy’s house
  • belly dancing and gardening at my house.

All is well. It’s the time of the Fire-God— drinking, dancing, and fires.

— 2 years ago
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Two tickets to the Persephone play at the AG center

where I’ve been working like a crazy woman-bull in the lower herb gardens. Wonderfully proud of that garden. But tickets! Am excited.

Also, I’m staying after to hear some crazy cool drum/cello jaaaamz. May or may not bring my belly dance scarf and jam with ‘zem. Hmmmm.

Also, lovely day today.

— 2 years ago
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The crushing sense of the alone

is heavy in my mind. It’s like being caught up in the waves during a storm; breaking free of the water to gasp and to feel alive, only to be sucked back in. I feel apathetic, so I don’t do my work. I panic about having so much work that I can’t take the weight of the waiting work, so I put it off only to have it pile on much heavier. This would be okay if it weren’t the week of exams. The final time has come, and I’m not prepared.

What if this costs me my admittance? Where will I be then? If I’m not able to go to UNCA, I don’t know what I’ll do. I really don’t. This fear is too much, so I push it away too. Now I have too much to do in too little time. Is being sucked into a metaphorical dark hole in your life a good enough excuse to be absent another day?

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