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I had one hit around eight last night and I’m still lagging.

I forgot why I stopped smoking pot, but now I know.

I feel super slow and spacey. Like, it’s been hours and I’m still dragging a little bit.

Now, I was properly seasoned back in the day, but last night put me on my ass. Either it was laced with something, or my body is going crazy.

I was floating in and out of consciousness, my heart was beating so loud I thought it was coming out of my throat, and I couldn’t fucking move without shaking or wobbling. 

I need to value the experience as a valuable one— I was able to experience a semi-pleasant night, and I know that it dulls my senses.

The only creepy thing is that I’m still a bit high. And it’s been twelve hours.

My herbalist is for casual experimentation, but now I understand what she meant about it stunting your natural energy and your flow of energy.

— 2 years ago
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