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FACT: I am an amazing cook.

like, you can print this out and take said fact to the bank and cash it.

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Tales of an herbal apprentice {herbal wine}

So today was a day of the senses. As an herbalist-in-training I’ve come to appreciate the ability and power of each. Smell- the most important as an herbalist- is rivaled only with taste. Wine, I learned today, is a medium of drawing out the chemicals within herbs for taste and for property. Rose wine is by far my favorite and lavender is complete shit. Each has a different aroma (some woody, some floral) and evoke a different feeling. The rose is delicate and whimsical sort of thing with a light pink color, while other more hearty wines like Rosemary or Marshmallow root have harsher, woodier tastes and deep red and gold coloring.

{look at me all sophisticated. pahahahaha. {: }

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